Size Guide

Not sure about the length of the chain?

Chain lengths can vary for women and men. Women's necklaces can be as short as 14 inches, and as long as 36 inches. Men's chain lengths can also vary from 18 inches. Refer to the guide whenever you are making a purchase.

Understanding chain lengths helps you plan out how to layer your look. Having chains of varied sizes really elevates your look and avoids having your necklaces tangle throughout the day.

Most of our necklaces are 18” with 4” extensions. We also offer some styles which have shorter extensions. This information will be provided within each product description.


What size ring is best for you?

Referring to a size guide can be difficult when you don't know how to measure your finger. Typically, you would have it measured at the jeweler's. To do it yourself at home, simply wrap around your finger a piece of string, cut it to the desired length, then measure that string using a ruler in millimetres. Refer to the guide once you have your size handy. 

Be mindful of measuring your finger during the summer or when pregnant as that can skew sizing.

Please use the chart below to assess your ring size before purchasing. 


If you are using Pandora ring sizing, please choose 1 size up (ex. if you're a size 6 in Pandora rings, please purchase a size 7).