About 18K Gold

What is “Pure” Gold?

Pure Gold is 100% Gold, unmixed with any other element. Pure Gold is also commonly referred to as 24 Karat Gold (or 24K Gold).


Gold is mixed with other metals to make jewelry.

Pure Gold is beautiful and rare. It is also relatively soft. In order to make jewelry that is hard and durable we must mix Gold with other metals such as Silver & Copper.


Higher Karat means greater percentage of Gold.

The "Karat" is the unit we use to measure how much Gold is in a ring or a piece of jewelry relative to the other metals that are present. A higher Karat means more Gold in your jewelry. You can see from the image below that 18K Gold contains 75% Gold, while 9K Gold contains half that amount.




What’s Rose Gold made of?

Rose gold is very similar to Yellow Gold, with the exception that a greater proportion of Copper is used in the alloy to bring out a red or "rosy" color. Again, 18K Rose gold contains 75% gold, 14K contains 58% and 10K contains 42%.


How do you take care of Gold Plated jewellery?

Although they are less prone to tarnish and to rust, it is important to continue to take care of your jewellery. All jewellery must be stored in a dry, cool place where there is no humidity or high heat.

Necklaces: Store your necklaces separately, hanging if possible, to prevent the chain from tangling.

Rings: To prevent scratching and dents, store your rings in jewellery boxes were they can be inserted between velvet-covered sponge pockets.

Bracelets: Your bracelets are at risk of getting tangled just like your necklaces. We recommend you store them separately, by hanging them, or by placing them on bracelet jewellery holders.

One of the easiest ways to store your jewellery is to use the velvet pouches that come with your order. The pouch can also be used to wipe your jewellery clear.

Every once in a while, we recommend cleaning your jewellery with warm water, dish soap and baking soda. Brush the chains and the engravings with a soft bristle brush, then let them dry on a soft towel. This removes dust, sweat, and dead skin.