Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my order?

If your order is confirmed, we will send an email. When your order has been mailed, a shipping confirmation email will be sent to you when your order is shipped. Depending on the shipping option you have chosen at checkout, a tracking number will be provided to you once your order is shipped, which will contain the information about the whereabouts of your order (upgrade at checkout required).

If your chosen shipping option did not include a tracking number, you will not receive a tracking number with the shipping confirmation email. Canadian orders without a tracking number are shipped via oversize letter mail and do not include a shipment confirmation or proof of shipment. US orders with tracking numbers that begin with 000 are invalid and only serve as a confirmation that USPS has received your package.

In the case there is an issue with your order, you will be notified as soon as possible.


Can I change or cancel my order once it's placed?

Unfortunately, we cannot change or cancel orders that have already shipped. If they have not been shipped yet, you will receive a cancellation or change confirmation. Email us for support with cancelling or changing your order prior to dispatch. 


I think my order is lost.

If for any reason, such as incorrect address provided at checkout or unverified address (must be verified against Canada Post or USPS), this is the responsibility of the buyer. We cannot provide a replacement until a 5 week time frame has passed, and a replacement is allowed until 10 weeks since the order was shipped. If a replacement is to be issued, the buyer must verify that the address is correct and verified, otherwise, you may be asked to provide a different address. You may not request a different item if you are granted a replacement of a lost order.


What warranty comes with my purchase?

All our jewellery is covered by a Warranty against any rust or tarnish, including manufacturing defects and color fading (from gold to silver). We stand proudly with our real 18-karat gold plating, pure stainless steel fills, and all customized jewellery. If you run into any issues pertaining to color fading or rusting, please reach out to us. Please see our Warranty page for what's covered.

If you are still not satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to us for options.


Do you ship worldwide?

We currently only ship to select countries. For more information, please visit our Shipping page.

I love your products! I'm interested in becoming an Omnyah Brand Ambassador.

We are so happy to have collaborators share our love for our jewelry and accessories. In order to have you aboard, we ask that you register here

Our Brand Ambassadors receive a few samples of our new releases, and are provided with a discount code to provide their friends, families and followers, from which they earn a commission from orders. Your pictures may be reshared and chances of being reposted will increase if your picture fits our Instagram overall look/aesthetic.


I'm not happy with my order.

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to us so we can make it right. We reserve the right to agree to a replacement or refund, depending on factors such as timeframe, reason for damage, and others. For information on returns and exchanges, please visit our Returns page.


The price of an item I ordered recently changed. 

Depending on when an item was purchased, the price may have increased or dropped. We reserve the right to change prices without notice.


Why do you not offer tracked shipping with your standard shipping?

In order to keep prices low and competitive, we have taken the decision to cut costs where it helps the environment to cut down on frivolous packaging, and to provide economical options for your gifting. Need a tracking number? No problem, we offer a low-rate shipping upgrade at checkout, or several local pickup options. Refer to the Shipping page for details.


What's your process? Where are your products made?

All jewellery is hand-picked or designed by our team based on our interests and your most popular requests. Our products shipped from a supplier to Toronto, Canada, where they are tested, and then shipped to you.


I am interested in placing a large order (for a bridal party, group gifts, etc.). Are there any discounts?

We offer wholesale discounts if the order contains 20 or more items. Please reach out to us directly for wholesale inquiries.


I am interested in placing a custom order. 

We don’t currently accept custom orders at this time. We offer personalization on select items, which includes laser engraving on the blank or opposite side of the pendant, unless otherwise requested via email or order notes.

When an engraving request is placed, the engraving is normally added on the backside of the pendant where there is no other design, unless there is a specific request placed in the order notes or by contacting us.


Can I combine discount codes?

Only one discount code can be used at checkout. Sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for exclusive discount announcements and sales.


What material is used for your jewellery?

All of our jewellery is made with Premium Stainless Steel, which is less likely to tarnish or rust, unlike Sterling Silver. The jewellery is then plated with real 18K Gold and vacuum plated (PVD)  to protect against the colour fading. Because we use Stainless Steel, it means there is no nickel or lead, to which most people are sensitive.


Not every piece is 18K gold plated. Only our gold- or rose gold-coloured jewellery are plated with real 18K gold. Most silver jewellery is unplated stainless steel, and black jewellery is made of black stainless steel.

We carry some items in .925 Sterling Silver base or plating, which is excluded from our No-Tarnish guarantee, due to the nature of the material. Item descriptions include materials used to make every piece for your reference.

18K means there is more gold in your jewellery. When there is more gold in the jewellery, it tends to look more yellow than 14K or 10K gold. For more information on gold, please click here.


Are your pieces available through resellers? 

No. Any Omnyah items sold to you through a third party is not covered by our warranty or customer service. Please reach out to the third party for any help.