About Us

Our Story

Jewellery is timeless, regardless of occasion, it's always the perfect gift and it's everlasting.

Omnyah prides in procuring and designing only the most trendy and beautiful designs that fit any style and any taste. Our designs are timeless, and are known to endure the test of time.

Our jewellery is made from premium stainless steel material, covered in multiple layers of real 18-karat gold plating and vacuum sealed for long lasting colour. We guarantee your jewellery will not fade or lose its colour. With our real gold plating, our jewellery is hypoallergenic.


Working towards a sustainable future

Omnyah believes in minimizing our environmental footprint as a business and we strive to use minimal and earth-conscious material for our packaging and your jewellery.

  • Our jewellery is made from pure stainless steel, which uses minimal energy to produce this eco-friendly 100% recyclable metal.
  • Any promotional items we use inside your package are 100% recyclable and sourced from an environmentally conscious facility.

    We are always looking for more ways to become a more sustainable company. If you have any suggestions, please message us directly.